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Introducing Woombies

The protest plushie. Woombies are designed to give politicians a womb of their own, so they’ll finally leave yours alone. 100% of proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Woombies boost the fun without boosting the maternal mortality rate! 


A Fake Womb for Real Problems

Order a Woombie today and we’ll send one to an anti-choice politician. So every time an unintended consequence of the reversal of Roe V. Wade rears its ugly head, they’ll have a furry pink regret charm to remind them of their short sightedness.


Keep Your Beliefs Out of Our Briefs

Woombies are yours to protest with. Raise them at marches. Flex with a Woombie on your desk at work. Squeeze them when someone mansplains in your general vicinity. Use Woombies to start a conversation about basic bodily autonomy in America.